spread the happiness

Team Building, Creative Consultancy, Private Parties, Quirky Weddings, Fun Retreats...

Contact me to help design in fun into any of the following:

  • Bespoke team building activities - including chocolate, mindfulness, wellbeing, silly games, laughter yoga, gibberish and improv.
  • Creative Consultancy for your product, design, event, brand - previously consulted on everything from chocolate ice cream to sensory interior design.
  • Bespoke activities for your event - e.g. treasure hunt for a community fete.
  • Weddings - activities, formats, dress design, even ad hoc coaching on getting through it!
  • Celebrations - designing rituals and blessings that are personal
  • Retreats or Conferences - fun and unusual immersive activities for retreats and conferences in the UK or abroad
  • Try me - something not mentioned above, the more random and unique the better!