friendly feelgood fun

Top up your good vibes!

Connect 4 40 - 40 minutes to brighten your Blue Monday week

Bonus 18th January Blue Monday 1.10-1.50pm

19th - 22nd January 6.10-6.50pm

With the world gloomier than ever, join 40 minutes daily over a week to come together to connect, create, celebrate, laugh and feel better.

‘Blue Monday’, traditionally the saddest day of the year. With the world gloomier than ever, give yourself 40 minutes each day for the week to brighten it with real people, real conversations, real time together. Just a little sprinkle of connection confetti could make all the difference.

Curiosity Club

Curious? Just ask...

Further community initiatives:

  • Spread Smiles - poster campaign to share through your window or garden or front door what makes you smile and share it with your neighbourhood to create a sense of connection (email me for the template)

  • Daily Quest - bingo/noughts and crosses activity cards to make your daily walk more fun and interactive. (email me for the current version)

  • Bake and Take - local initiative to bake together and take a baked good to an isolated neighbour and create closer connections.