1:1 creative confidence coaching

with pom poms!

The impact of coaching

"I started working with Natasha at the beginning of a big change in my life and I was feeling lost and confused, I was also feeling disconnected with my creative and playful part and this was blocking me even more!

I had few mind blowing sessions with Natasha! Lots of 'aha' moments! Her approach is compassionate, playful and patient, but also, through smart questions and exercises she manages to connect with our inner true self and she wakes up that part of us who wants to play, feel good, to feel joy and happiness. This is so important! I highly recommend to work with Natasha!"

Laura, Intuitive wellbeing life coach & chakra healer

...live with joyful flying colours!

Treat yourself to 100% 'you time'...

Complete and utter dedicated time Just. For. You.

No interruptions or hijacking, time to really be listened to, time to be supported, time to reflect, time to achieve, time to celebrate the successes, no matter how big or seemingly small, time to remember your value, time to focus, time to consistently take steps forward in the right direction.

Whatever you choose to call me: Happiness coach, Creative coach, Life coach, Wellbeing coach, Intuitive coach, Personal cheerleader, Natasha...

I'm here to listen and help through gentle questions and support, reflecting back what you say to unlock all that is hidden deep within. I will help highlight those all important connections and reveal those golden 'aha' moments.

What dreams do you to have to live your best life?

How would you like stay on track on your journey?

How would you like to celebrate as you take action and achieve?

I describe coaching like a personal trainer for your life. Getting to where you want to in life is so much more fun and effective with someone in your corner cheering you on (pom poms included)!

1:1 coaching packages

I offer a one off intial "tester"


This is to see what a coaching session is like with me if you haven't worked with me before for a special offer, this is typically up to 1.5 hours and done remotely. If you want face to face in a Central London location (once lock down has eased off), this will be slightly more to account for travel time, convenience and any venue costs.

Coaching works best when you have a series of coaching sessions as it means you can have accountability and see how you progress over the weeks. I love building a relationship and celebrating your wins with you. Weekly tends to be best, but fortnightly can also work.

My most popular 'Personal cheerleader' package

£570 for 6 or 12 weeks (weekly or fortnightly sessions and support in between)

This is a combination of all my skills tailored purely to you and your particular challenge(s).

Clients have come to me with challenges including:

  • Feeling a lack of time for yourself / time management worries

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Lack of confidence

  • Confusion in direction

  • Wanting clarity

  • Feeling alone in their endeavour

  • Wanting to create more

  • Home/work/family balance

Using a friendly, feelgood and fun slant, we look at your perceived problems from different angles.

Using kindness, curiosity and open questions we delve into the heart of your blocks and remove them piece by piece to reveal a clear path forward.

You end up feeling released from your limitations and uplifted.

I offer my whole toolkit of techniques and activities mentioned below to serve you.

I also offer:

'Six Steps to Sunshine' package

£570 for 6 or 12 weeks (weekly or fortnightly sessions and support in between)

This focusses on elevating your levels of joy.

We look at your current situation and how with small steps we can help you feel lighter and more buoyant, surprising yourself with your ability to excel and actively invite more good into your life.

Using theory and practical exercises from wellbeing coaching, positive psychology, science of happiness and wellbeing, mindfulness, gratitude and (normally on request) laughter yoga and gibberish, I help you create your own toolkit for greater happiness and wellbeing.

'Unlocking your Creative Confidence' package

£570 for 6 or 12 weeks (weekly or fortnightly sessions and support in between)

This focusses on creating a life your love with confidence.

You may wish to be more confident in the world, creating outputs and creating impact, but find you have blocks to overcome, whether fear, imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs.

This is a great package for those who don't believe they are creative and equally those who already think they are creative in one medium but are curious about broadening their experience or are finding themselves blocked.

Creativity is more than art, it is making anything new in the world that didn't exist before, including your life.

Using sensory science, storytelling, playful methods and games I help you put the fun back into making a difference.

All packages come with:

A mix of coaching, mentoring and sharing a wide mix of insight gained from a broad range of training over the years.

Six dedicated 1:1 sessions by video call weekly or fortnightly, I see more impact with weekly sessions to optimise on the impact and momentum, but fortnightly also works.

Recorded for you if you would prefer to listen back after. I may do this for certain snapshots of exercises anyway.

Email/instagram support in between our live sessions.

Complete pom pom cheerleading and belief in you!

I will keep an eye out for tools to help you and give you pointers.

I really do have your back and want the best for you and will think of you and providing even more ongoing value in between our calls.

Where relevant, and with your permission, promoting your projects and dreams in my newsletter and future podcasts.

Flexibility, the packages are tailored to you, so you can mix and match.

Ongoing support options - once the six week batch is complete, much like a personal trainer, after seeing the positive impact of coaching sessions with me, many of my clients continue with further blocks of sessions to keep progressing and feel supported.

Payment plans are available and I also have occasional openings for those who are in need and don't currently have the full resources, if this is you get in touch.

3 simple steps to progress:

  1. Have a look at my website to get a feel for if my vibe suits yours, hopefully it does if you've got this far!

  2. Drop me an email or direct message me on instagram/facebook to arrange a no-pressure free chat by phone or video chat (preferred with whatsapp video or zoom so we can see faces and body language) to answer any of your questions, discuss what you're looking for and how I can help you get to where you want to get to, and importantly check we click - chemistry is so important in coaching!

  3. If you want to go ahead we organise which package would suit you best. I send you the information and you pay before the first call.

Why work with me?

I care. I really do. I love to help, especially those wanting to get results in a friendly, feelgood, fun way.

Kindness is key: genuinely listening, having the right intentions, encouraging you to be the real you, the best you, without masks, filters, 'shoulds' or 'oughts'. I'm there to splosh around in the mud with you and watch magic grow from it.

Key to this is that I really do want you to see results and feel held accountable to make progress. You need to be committed to make the changes.

By getting a coach you click with, you give yourself the opportunity to get someone completely on your side: a personal cheerleader. Someone to listen attentively to your thoughts and concerns, and most importantly, to work together to find solutions and achieve what success means to you.

I ask questions to help you think in different ways. I do this in a gentle manner, and whilst not a therapist, I borrow techniques from art therapy, poetry therapy, nature and walking therapy, holistic therapy, aromatherapy, play and music therapy to get results.

I also have an eye for detail as an ex-auditor, so can help give feedback on any projects you may be working on.

I have hours of training and certification in wellbeing coaching, laughter yoga, permaculture, facilitation, mindfulness, kindfulness, mindful self compassion and more. I love to continually expand my knowledge and share it with you!

To learn more about me, click here.