create magical moments

Alternative team building activities, creative consultancy, playful parties, quirky weddings, fun retreats, bespoke designs...

Working together we will open up possibilities, spark imaginations and create magic moments to remember.

Contact me to bring your concept to life with colour, creativity and play, including:

  • Different team building activities - incorporating your choice of well-being, interactive games, creative challenges, laughter yoga, gibberish and improvisation, even chocolate if you would like!

  • Creative Consultancy for your product, design, event, brand - previously consulted on everything from chocolate ice cream to sensory interior design.

  • Bespoke memorable activities for your event to get people talking and connecting e.g. storytelling, treasure hunts and escape room inspired quests.

  • Quirky Weddings - activities, formats, dress design, even coaching and mentoring on how to get through it with reduced stress!

  • Tailored Celebrations - designing rituals and blessings that are personal to you.

  • Unique Retreats or Gatherings - fun and unusual immersive activities for retreats and conferences in the UK or abroad.

  • Try Me Challenge - ask me about something not mentioned above, the more random and unique the better!