Feel lighter & brighter!

Welcome to another way to live life...

Reconnect with joy!

How do you feel day to day?

Resilient, compassionate, grateful, light, connected, confident... zingy?

Or do you feel more often than not disconnected? Bored? Stuck? Lonely? Restless? Blocked? Overwhelmed? Shy? Nervous? Are you an overthinker? A worrier? Do you live for the weekend or the next holiday? Are you worn out? Exhausted? Scared that this might be it?

Do you secretly yearn for more connection, colour and adventures? Do you want to enjoy life to the full and achieve those things you only dream of?


The good news is that life doesn't have to be a chore... 

#toucantoo actually enjoy it!

Hi there, I'm Natasha, and I'm glad you're here! Grab yourself a cuppa and get comfy!

What's happening next?

Come together to reflect, relax, create, play, share, give back, make new connections, and feel better!

Want your own personal cheerleader who can help you get from disconnected, bored & stuck to connected, confident & zingy in a fun, friendly, feelgood way?

It's fun to get together! From Happiness Tours, treasure hunts, to online Treehouse Hangouts, events to help us feel a little more connected and uplifted.

Want something different for your teambuilding, conference, wedding or birthday party? Want creative ideas and a playful innovation expert to lead?

I'm Natasha Blok and I make good vibes sprinkled with magic and #toucantoo!

I created toucantoo to help the kind and curious reconnect with joy.

To reconnect with what brings you happiness, contentment, yourselves, your purpose, your courage, your inner child, your dreams, your creativity, long lost friends and family, your environment and our world.

Unlocking your potential to live your best life with kindness, curiosity and confidence and make the world a better place.

This is where big changes happen in a friendly, feel-good, fun way.

...at home, at work, with friends, family and on special occasions...

Curious why toucantoo?

How I can help...

Who I've collaborated with...

I have tailored special events in partnership with local, national and international people, companies, charities and organisations.

Adding a unique, playful and fun element.

Here are a few projects and partnerships I've already worked with, see more detail here.

How I want it to feel when we work together...


Being kind (including to yourself) and inclusive is the quickest route to connecting with others and finding joy. 

Put a compassionate filter onto everything, whether a fun team building activity, a 1:1 interactive coaching session or a bespoke playful games session for your wedding party & see the smiles and laughter spread.


Life is about enjoying it, which we often forget. We can be too serious, get trapped in a cycle, and worry/overthink too much.

Capture the moment through workshops & 1:1 work on confidence, body positivity & stress reduction through curiosity and kindness. Free yourself & live your best life with a smile on your face!


Watch a small child and see fun-loving, confident, creative dynamos: artists, poets, singers, writers, actors, designers, storytellers! They truly love life and enjoy every moment in flow.

Rediscover what brings you childlike joy and a sense of flow through workshops & 1:1 creative sessions.

What is a 'Happiness Tour'?

Be curious and come join...

Explore the possibilities...