Innovation Expert

Come pick 'n' mix my brains!

Contact me to arrange time to discuss ideas, innovation, concepts for your products and projects, based on my unusual combination of expertise and focus on how to make things have more appeal, more fun and more impact.

My diverse range of experience fuses together...

  • sweet designer

  • sensory scientist (think Heston Blumenthal type blue sky thinking)

  • experimental food

  • immersive experiences

  • world travelling collector of ideas including Africa, Australia and Europe with a focus on food and innovation including novel flavours and indigenous products

  • permaculture, sustainability and future thinking

  • science of happiness, positive psychology, and wellbeing

  • food, arts and culture writer

  • quality controller

  • learning environments from nursery to adult education

  • 'Toxic Tash' mad scientist

  • treasure hunt creator

  • curious adventurer

  • sensory architecture and communities

  • innovative and playful businesses and charities

  • chocolate and ice cream expert

  • molecular gastronomy cookery finalist

  • writer and storyteller

I have worked with

  • big FMCG companies e.g. General Mills

  • universities e.g. University of London

  • councils e.g. Harringay

  • arts organisations e.g. Artillery

  • community organisations e.g. Peel Centre

  • charities e.g. Sense

And now maybe with you...?