fab friends

Email your suggestions of which people, companies, events you recommend and why.

Here are some of our favourite people and organisations:

Happy science

Museum of Happiness - Science based activities to improve your mental wellbeing, I am trained by them

Action for Happiness - a great array of inspiring speakers and a brilliant Youtube back catalogue

Slough Happiness Collective - set up by the lovely Linda, non Slough people also welcome

Dance, play and sing communities

Virtually Tuneless - led by the fabulous Tabitha

Counterplay - wonderful community around their usual festival

Play Collective - I'm part of it, more for corporates but amazing!

The Fun Fed - Sing, dance, play, shake your day away!

Morning Gloryville - sober rave to start your Saturday, fun activities like drumming and meditation

Secret Sunrise - Early morning dance and good vibes

Togetherness - workshops to promote deeper human connection

Sunday Assembly - church without religion and epic pop songs and poems to start your Sunday morning

Nobody's Watching - upbeat dancing parties online

Awesome multi-talented people

Sarah Weiler - pun queen, moon mistress, uke lady, Glastonbury DJ Sarah Tonin, Sarah Nade comedian, Quitting Quadrant, Carousel, fellow Play Collective innovator, this lady is an icon!

Kevin Campbell Davidson - ceilidh king, HandQ, listening cards, teacher, playful person, sound creator

Tabitha Beavan - come away uplifted and singing and happy song.

Iona McNeil- the power of dance, play and joy