bits about me and the spaces I create

Let's slide into it...

When leading workshops I encourage the following framework:

I like people to explain concepts to me like I'm a five year old - the simpler the better! And try to do the same.

I have created my own language in my group events with: 'Lingo', 'Bingo', 'Mango', 'Tango' 'Whoop whoop' and heart-felt body language.

I'm Natasha Blok and I think often life is made to be too serious. I think as we get older we can add more weight and heaviness to our experiences that could be lighter and more free. Young children are great role models for how to enjoy life! They are encouraged to feel free to create, dream, explore, make friends without fears and judgements, feel emotions and run with them and bounce back with resilience to attack a new day.

Broadly, I say I create, I coach and I connect (along with many more things!).

You may notice 3 is my favourite number, it's a magic number!

As a creator, I aim to create experiences and ideas that don't take themselves too seriously, whilst still getting to the heart of the issue in a kind, heart felt way. 

This includes:

And I do it all with a playful invitation, it is always an invitation and you always have full ownership and choice of what you do and don't participate in. I encourage "no right and no wrong", no getting bogged down in 'woulds' 'shoulds' 'musts' and fear of being perfect and judged. I use my scientific background to make it all a curious experiment, testing, refining, being interested in the results.

The term happiness coach can be replaced with: life coach, wellbeing coach, intuitive coach, fun business coach, a friend, a creative consultant, a magic mentor, a personal cheerleader to support you on your journey, whatever term resonates best for you, feel free to use it.

Like the Wellcome Collection in London, I describe myself as incurably curious, I love to ask questions and open the discussion.

I care: about you, about others and the planet. I give back a portion of profits to charities including nature (including the Amazon rainforest for toucans and woodland for native wildlife) and community. I have done several permaculture courses and have sustainability and a light foot print in mind when I create.

I love life, including eating and want to help others enjoy life without all those voices of self-criticism and guilt that we gather across our life.

I am a chocoholic - and a professional one at that! Leading chocolate tours, tastings and eating plenty!

I am an ex sweet designer - I worked with the oompa loompas!

I have travelled around the world, including 3 round the world trips in 5 years, I can't get enough including meeting and living with those who live there and fascinated about local cultures and heritage.

I am an ex Mad Scientist and sensory food scientist which is why I integrate the senses into a lot of my work.

I can merrily skip down the street singing in public handing our chocolate coins without needing a drop of alcohol or any drugs.

I go by she/her and I enjoy being married and choosing my maiden name of Miss Blok, not Mrs W.

I'm an ENFP, yellow, squiggle shaped, acts of service loving human being.

I am a cheese lover - edible cheese (I co-founded my University Cheese Society!), cheesy jokes, cheese jokes (what cheese do you use to hide a small horse?), cheesy dancing, cheesy musicals and Disney songs... the cheesier the better including pizza!

I am a fluffy dog and animal lover. One day I'll own a place filled with fluffy animals from rabbit to alpaca and share it with others that need a boost! The retreat centre will be called Happening House and Fluffy Farm - want to help make the vision a reality? Get in touch! I'm more of a dog person than a cat person.

I am a magician's apprentice and a lover of that "wow" moment of the magical reveal.

It makes sense then that I've always loved wonder and magic, from Pongwiffy and Mildred Hubble to Harry Potter and real life magicians like Heston Blumenthal! I'm fully on board with unicorns, mermaids, fairies and the colourful joy they have brought our life whether colour changing unicorn tea, mermaid ice cream, or vibrant hair.

I am an escape room addict and puzzle fan and incorporate a lot of the problem solving and perseverance and team work needed into my adventures.

As you'll see in my photos and videos, I love colour, dressing up, face paint (I don't really wear make up), adventures and pulling silly faces (back to not taking myself too seriously, having fun and smiling more - life is too short!).

Having said that, I don't love everything, I thoroughly dislike: insensitive people, inequality, sand in my shoes, celery, mustard, horseradish

...and I very much disliked being told I 'had' to stop enjoying my lifestyle and become serious and 'grown up', even as an adult being told I was "too enthusiastic" - this made me heavy hearted, and I have battled being told: I 'need' to do this, 'should' look like that, 'must' say the other, ever since, including my inner critic.

This is my rebellion... life CAN be another way, come join me to find out!

My business partners are Tickle the toucan and Toot the toucan.

Your invitation is that #toucantoo share about yourself... I'm most often on Instagram at the moment as the pictures are pretty.