treehouse community

What is the Treehouse?

It's all this and more...

  • A friendly place for us to get together and make new friends

  • A safe space to share

  • A magical realm of imagination and possibilities

  • A cosy den with comfy colourful cushions and rugs to tuck into a juicy book

  • An indulgent spot with unlimited marshmallows and cream for your hot chocolate

  • A help-yourself-mi-casa-es-tu-casa-home-from-home

  • An equal circle of trust and respect

  • An evolving do-er-upper

  • A messy, creative, splish, splosh, splash zone of fun

  • A secret hideaway to help build courage to face the scarier things out there

  • A warm and welcoming retreat to recentre and find calm

  • A breakaway dream destination for making dreams a reality

  • An incubator for little acorns to grow into strong oaks

  • A sanctuary for celebration and reflection as the seasons change

  • A refuge from the raging winds outside with a warming fire and fairy lights

  • A party pad for pajamas, cheesy music and wild dancing

  • A nurturing unit to learn and grow in

  • A temple to nature and our relationship to the world

  • The place where everyone knows your name and welcomes you!