1:1 coaching

with pom poms!

Choose to live with joyful flying colours!

You may think of 'treating yourself' as getting your hair done, going to get a massage or hiring a personal trainer?

A lot of that changes your outside, but how do you pamper and transform your inner world?

How can you calm the confusing overwhelming snowglobe confetti in your mind to feel tranquil, sorted and in the easy flow of life?

Sure you can try to do it all by yourself, but it's SO much more fun and so much easier when you have a cheerleader* coach on and by your side!

I describe coaching like a personal trainer for your life. Getting to where you want to  be in life is so much more enjoyable and effective with someone in your corner cheering you on (pom poms included)*!

(The picture above isn't me, it's of a wonderful human being spending time with me, if you don't read the rest of this page, key takeaway is: we have fun together and get results!)

What drew you here?

Good question? Let me hazard a few guesses...

You probably don't feel like a '-10' wanting to get to a '0', more like a '0' interested in getting to a '+10'?

Life's OK, but there are concerns that niggle at the back of your mind, not necessarily huge, but worries, fears, things you feel are holding you back...

You might be new to the idea of getting a coach (welcome!), or have tested a few out and not found you resonated with a person or a style yet and looking for the right fit (it's very important).

You might be at the beginning of your journey, curious about a world where you might be able to feel more joy in your everyday and not just at the weekend/on holiday/when with children/on a hen party/at a halloween party/when drunk/[insert time when you feel you can let your hair down and not be judged here].

You may want to rediscover the creative, playful side you left behind when you 'grew up' into an adult with responsibilities and dependencies weighing you down.

You may be curious about the confidence others appear to have, where they have a go at life with a sparkle in their eye, you'd love to as well, but fear what others will think of you, that you're not good enough or that you lack in something (talent, experience, looks, [insert here]).

You might want to break free of perfectionism and remember your days when you just had a go because you were learning.

You may want to explore new paths for creativity and wellbeing.

You may want to untangle yourself and get help with creative blocks.

You may want a hand stepping off the rat run where you feel like you blink and suddenly the day, week, month, year has passed you by and you don't know what happened.

You may feel alone and want a comforting hand to hold to help guide you to where you want to get to in a friendly, feel-good fun way.

You may simply want some more enjoyment in your life if you're already love having fun and just want more of it!

A combination of, or all of the above - humans are wonderful complex creatures!

They're all guesses though, I'd love to get to know the real you...

Who am I and why choose me as your coach?

Hi, I'm Natasha, pleased to meet you! 

Coaching is a very personal process: you invest, you share, you change. Therefore, it's important you find the right fit for you.

What are my USPs?

I love seeing the journeys my crew go on and how transformed they are by the end: lit up, full of energy and enthusiasm, using empowered words with confident body language, without even being aware of their sparkly vibes: confident go-getters living their best authentic lives! 

To learn more about if we will click, click here.

*Not all coaches have pompoms. I do however - and whooping cheer for you, lots of it, I sadly cannot (yet?) do cheerleader acrobatics like the splits and cartwheels. I learned how to hula hoop though, which I was pretty impressed by!

What comes to mind when you imagine your "best life?

How would you like to celebrate together as you take action and achieve?

Friendly, feel-good, fun 1:1 coaching options

Let's get straight into it, there are two options for 1:1 coaching with me...

Friendly, feel-good, fun life check

£150 for a single, one off session

This is if you're the sort of person who likes to dip a toe in first, to see what a coaching session is like with me and want to get a bit of a scan over your life and what area needs a bit more attention to bring more ease, flow and joy to your world.

Sessions are typically up to 1.5 hours and done remotely. If you want face to face in a Central London location (once lock down has eased off), this will be slightly more to account for travel time, convenience and any venue costs.


Coaching works best when you have a series of coaching sessions as it means you can have accountability and see how you progress over the weeks. I love building a relationship and celebrating your wins with you, so investing in yourself with a package brings back much better results.

'Personal cheerleader' package

£700 for coaching with me over 12 weeks**

This is a combination of all my skills tailored purely to you and your particular challenge(s). 

Using a friendly, feel-good and fun slant, we look at your problems from different angles to unpick and transform.

Using kindness, curiosity and open questions we delve into the heart of your blocks and trasnform them piece by piece in a friendly, feel-good, fun way, to reveal a clear path forward to elevate your levels of all the good stuff: ease, flow and joy.

Previous clients leave sessions feeling released from their limitations, motivated and uplifted.

I offer my whole toolkit of techniques and activities to serve you.

To be clear, instead of a traditional coacing "free discovery session," I offer the chance to have a quick chat on the phone so you can hear my voice and ask any extra questions I haven't covered on this page. I put my prices online to be open, honest and not waste our time with extravagant sales pitches, that's not my style. Life's too short!

No vat applicable.

**'Personal cheerleader' package comes with...

Payment plans are available and I also have occasional openings for those who are in need and don't currently have the full resources, if this is you get in touch.

3 simple steps to progress

Time to treat yourself and feel more ease, flow and joy inside as well as out.

Questions you may be pondering...

How is having a coach different from chatting to a friend?

Good question, and one I get asked a lot. It's different, believe me! ...Not to say we can't be friends too though.

Imagine this, 100% 'YOU time'...

Complete and utter dedicated time Just. For. You.

Just. FOR. YOU.

No interruptions or hijacking, no "that reminds me of a time when I" stopping you mid flow of your gigantic breakthrough moment.

Instead, it's time to REALLY be listened to.

And importantly listened to by the right person, someone who is trained...

How is having a coach different from seeing a therapist?

I am most definitely not a therapist, and it's important you know that from the start, even though I have touched upon many forms and incorporate elements into my work.

Coaching is about being in the present and looking forward.

A coach is someone to support you, to hold space for you to reflect, to reflect back and celebrate your successes, no matter how big or seemingly small.

Someone to hold you accountable in a kind, loving way. Someone to ask the right question, at the right time, that unlocks something inside and leads to that real "AHA" moment!

Someone to remind you of your value, your worth, someone to believe 100% that you can, and to help you break your dream down into practical little chunks so that you can feel the change in you, in your confidence, in your self belief. 

Someone to stand by the side as you make each breakthrough with a set of metallic blue pom poms* air punching the air with pride at how far you've come, and importantly remind you of it as you progress onwards and upwards.

How is having a coach different to a mentor?

In "pure" coaching, the coach never gives any advice, it's all about open questions to help your breakthrough.

I work in a blended way where, as long as it works for you, if I know of a book, theory or other resource, I think might be of interest, I will share it.

I tend to work more on the coaching side than the mentor side as I don't ever claim to be an expert in any area - you are the expert of yourself, but I also prefer to share and connect rather than sit on a potential goldmine biting my tongue.

What can your coaching help me with?

I support you to move from what causes you pain and question 'what if?'

to a place of EASE, FLOW AND JOY

Do you feel disconnected? Bored? Stuck? Lonely? Restless? Blocked? Overwhelmed? Shy? Nervous? Are you an overthinker? A worrier? Do you live for the weekend or the next holiday? Are you worn out? Exhausted? Scared that this might be it? Worried life is passing you by? Do you feel like a zombie? Like everyone else knows a secret you're missing? Do you sleepwalk through life, get on the ratrun wake up and ten years have passed?

Do you secretly yearn for more connection, colour and adventures? Do you want to enjoy life to the full and achieve those things you only dream of?

My unique coaching style helps kind and curious folk with a range of problems including:

And there will be other challenges, get in touch and let's chat and if I feel I can't help, I can help refer you to someone else.

Will coaching solve all my problems?

I'm not a therapist and if I feel you would benefit from other professional help we'll discuss that.

As importantly, coaching relies on you having the motivation, dedication and commitment to put the actions into place. You need to be committed to make the changes.

Like a personal trainer, I'm not going to do the sit ups for you.

I guide and support and help you find the best way to get the results you're looking for. For this to work you'll need to take action, it doesn't have to be scary, even tiny 1% shifts will take you to whole new spaces.

'Success' means different things to different people, we'll start by working out what it looks like for you.

Whatever you choose to call me: Life coach, Wellbeing coach, Intuitive coach, Happiness coach, Creative coach, Personal cheerleader, Natasha... 

I'm here to listen and help you through gentle questions and support to unlock all your hidden treasures. I will help highlight those all important connections and reveal those golden breakthroughs. Here are two questions for you:

Who do you work with?

I work best with...

kind and curious people who are committed and open to trying something new.

I like to speak (and listen to) words that a 5 year old would understand, no jargon, not fancy pants adult bamboozling language. Clear communication is key. The more fun and imaginative the better e.g. instead of "clients" I prefer "crewmates" on our joint voyage, instead of a "discovery call" we have a good old natter aka casual chat, instead of goals we talk about your dreams, instead of "resources" I have a sparkly treasure trove.

I believe 'We are and we rock'

We are ...

World citizens (all with an equal voice and right to be here no matter age, gender, race, orientation, background, heritage, culture)



Open minded


Kind (the bedrock of everything)

...and therefore we rock!

Wonderful if you are a bit quirky, a bit different, a bit of a rebel.

Even better if you also want a better world with more kindness, generosity, care for ourselves, our community and our planet.

Read more about me here to see if you think we'll click.

Can you give me some examples of successes?


Example Crewmate #1 wanting to create their own 6 steps to sunshine:

We looked at their current anxious, heavy, fraught situation filled with negative bias, and we tested small easy to put into practise steps to help them feel lighter and more buoyant. They surprised themself with their ability to excel and actively invite more good into their life.

Using theory and practical exercises from wellbeing coaching, positive psychology, science of happiness and wellbeing, mindfulness, gratitude and (with their buy in) laughter yoga and gibberish, I helped them create their own toolkit for greater happiness and wellbeing. This included a lasting physical "Good Vibes Board" to act as an every day cheerleader.

Example Crewmate #2 wanting to unlock their creative confidence:

They came to me from a place of no confidence: no confidence to create, to stand up and be seen, to share or to rate themselves. They wanted to creating a life they love with confidence: creating outputs and creating impact, but found they had blocks to overcome: fear, imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs.

They didn't believe they were capable of being creative in certain areas, and thought they were creative in only one medium, but were curious about broadening their experience and found themselves stuck.

Creativity is more than art, it is making anything new in the world that didn't exist before, including your life.

Using sensory science, playful methods and games including gibberish, art, poetry, storytelling and puppetry, I helped them put the fun back into making things, and ultimately sharing to make a difference in other people's lives. It was such a joy to see their confidence build, their language change, their body language shift, and them share their work proudly with the world.

Example Crewmate #3 wanting to rediscover what brings them joy:

Feeling invisible, they came to me wanting to rediscover their identity away from parent, spouse, worker and rediscover their true essence, their purpose, their calling and their gift. We worked together to explore what brought them joy, and their passions to enjoy the process of finding themselves again. They learned how to set boundaries, how to be selfish, how to let go of guilt, take themselves on dates, listen to their inner selves and transform the critical inner voices.

Using journalling, affirmations, curious adventures, playing with language, we energised, inspired and created a great role model for their children, actively demonstrating how taking on new roles doesn't mean eroding their own core identity.

Can you show the change in their own words?

The impact of coaching with me

"I started working with Natasha at the beginning of a big change in my life and I was feeling lost and confused, I was also feeling disconnected with my creative and playful part and this was blocking me even more!

I had mind blowing sessions with Natasha! Lots of 'aha' moments! Her approach is compassionate, playful and patient, and also, through smart questions and exercises she managed to connect me with my inner true self and she woke up that part of me that wants to play, feel good, to feel joy and happiness. This is so important! I highly recommend to work with Natasha!"

Laura, tarot card reader & chakra healer